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Fancy Recipes

For Father's day my kids made a recipe book. They know how much food means to me. :) It is so nice and pro-quality that I simply had to share it with everyone. Here is a link to the recipe book (pdf)


D3 js is a javascript library that, in short, allows you to create graphs. They describe it as Data-Driven-Documents, which actually makes perfect sense. In truth it is more of a DOM manipulation with SVG's, but hey. It's fun, it's pretty. And you are welcome to look at my sample here


Food is our family's passion. jQuery was, for a time, the bane of my existence. As such I mended all of that by marrying the two. Have a look at my jQuery wonder over at the recipes page


While reading Eloquent Javascript, a book a helpful co-worker recommended, I created one of the tutorial games. It's a side-scroller, a lot like "mario" and I think it's super cute. You are bored. You like cute games. I have the hookup for you right here