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One Week With The Longwells

Desi, Amaya and Autumn rolled in last Saturday night (18th) and boy did we stay busy.  We couldn't really afford to take them a lot of places because we were saving for Wednesday night where we had rented the local Drive-In so we could watch the movie RV with family and friends.  We had a huge downpour of rain at about 5pm though and had to cancel.  Even with movie night a bust we took the girls out to dinner instead and had a great time.

Through the week though, Jenny made tons to eat.  She told us what she'd like to make and we'd go get it for her.  Between that and making about 5-6 batches of cookies over the week for all the kiddies, she's worn out.  John took Dez to Burgess Falls State Park and they took pics there.  Autumn and Noah were in the pool every day and we took the girls skating twice in two different counties. :D  They had to head back on Thursday morning the 23rd.

Seth and Sid were over on Friday.  I took Seth back over to where Tif works after noon because they had to go to a dental appointment for Seth's root canal.  Tif came back for Sid later.

We had the King family reunion yesterday and it was a blast but we're exhausted.  We had a frozen pork loin in the freezer so we did it up for the occasion.  Dad brought in a box of peaches for us and a box for Tif.  We get her peaches. :p  Only 4 of the elder King's are left and it was wonderful to get them all together again.  I saw family I knew and some I didn't but that's the point of these things right?? :D  John was the uber photographer.  He put it on continuous and took tons of pictures.

As for our garden, it is overgrown and weedy.  Well more grassy than weedy but still...a mess.  We've had fewer blueberries this year than last year for sure.  We got some grapes this year though.  John made blueberry jam and grape jelly.  We even managed to salvage a bag of blackberries for the freezer to use later.  The garden so far has given us about 6 green peppers and started some tomatoes.  We got 18 the first day and more are ready today.  We're going to can them all if we can.  They didn't do so well this year so we may only get this shot at it and they'll be done.  I've never known tomatoes to be so weird.  We started these from seed in April and they're just now giving tomatoes.  The cucumbers are coming at about 6 or so per week.  We're covered up in them.  I don't think we plan on pickling any but Tif might if we send some her way.  We have some beans but many plants died from excess water.

Today seems clear so John and I are working up some peaches for canning.  I get the feeling we'll fly through all those jars we saved :p
The Mennonites have been getting corn so I'll probably head that way tomorrow to get some to freeze. Anyway, busy busy, so hope you are all having a wonderful summer and CLICK HERE FOR SUMMER PICS!

2015 Steelers Schedule

A LOT of copy and pasting but I got it together.  Well, good enough for our humble little page. :D

Keeping up with the Longwells

January kind of flew by.  The kids were home until January 5th.  So I started coming up with new ideas of things to sell in my @HomeNinja shop for geeks and for Valentine's Day.  I have a few Pokémon items in the shop now.  (Even at 14, Thor still enjoys that stuff.)  I also did some flower rings, black and white baby sneakers, yellow and white baby sneakers, pink and white flip flops and a heart bookmark.  Whew.

My dad, Roy, has been unwell for a while and finally ended up with a visit to the hospital.  He has several pending issues and they could not do surgery on a hernia that is, at this point life threatening, until they take care of other issues.  As of yesterday though, any infection has cleared up with antibiotics, he still refuses anything for pain, he has a heart murmur and they have done EKGs, Echos, Halter Monitor and really everything they can do and are awaiting results to see how he will fare in surgery.  They will call him this coming week with more information on that and hopefully set a date.

I've been looking for work to make things ... not so tight around here.  Of course no one is really hiring anything except factory (2nd/3rd shift) and truck driving but something will come up.  John has a second job working from home doing website work but it's going to be a monthly pay gig and only when he has time to get the work in. :)  We also received an order for a table, custom, and she paid up front for the wood.  In the past 14 days, John has labored 12 of them to cut, sand (three levels of sanding so takes ages), stain and varnish.  I've been able to help with the last two.  We're doing the top over the next few days so it should be done by next weekend!

The end of January and beginning of February brings us Thor's big concert in Mount Juliet.  He was the only White County student to attend the Freshmen Honors Choir.  He was selected in September and had his concert on Jan 31st.  He practiced with 50+ other students for the entire day and the concert was that evening.  I've included Ave Maria's video.  Al and Pat came and bought Thor a Tshirt and plaque they had available for him. 

This month, so far, I've started making bunny slippers for little ones. Yesterday we attended the birthday party for Seth and Sidney.  Tif made an awesome Minecraft cake! Yup that's it above. All those pics are included in the new image folder for 2015.  Expect great things in there. :D






February Snowpocalypse and Icepocalypse

Tree Ice 2.17.2015We've had some ice and we've had some snow.  We're all safe and sound.  Tif had a power outage for about 3 hours a couple of days ago but as far as I know they are good.  They have the fireplace and lots of wood. :)

We had a tree come down toward the end of the driveway yesterday.  John and I went out there with a couple of simple saws and hacked at it until we got the top off.  John pulled it with the Jeep to the open area by the end of the driveway and we can at least get through.  Snow this morning, still have power, still safe :D Lots of pics though.  They are the ones that are numbered or you can sort by date

The sun is out a bit now so we should melt off some.  I also included a pic of the picachu I made for Thor's lady, Kasey, and I think I included the fish that had 23 babies last night.  For now, here's the ice, click it to go to the pics directory. 




November Fun

Since it's not yet Thanksgiving but after Halloween I figured it's time for some photos.  Here's what we've been up to.  Moose has a lady friend again.  A couple of weeks ago she was in heat so we saw lots of her and Moose hated that they didn't get alone time.  She's a pretty little neighborhood pup. Click a pic for more images, sort by date and these are Nov 19th uploads.


We also had some friends over this month!  Yay!  The Cook's came over for a visit.  Earnie and Leila have 5 girls, this is Earnie, Lauren, Taylor and Sophia.  They needed a break from just sitting at the Howell House (Leila's parent's place, they were in between houses atm) and we fed them and gave the kids a place to run and play with a couple of boys. :p  Thor stayed on the first floor with Hannah and Kasey playing every video game they could find that was both anime and lame. :D  Of which I'm sure we have plenty.

Noah has been reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.  He reads 20 minutes a night for school.  Once he gets through these we'll start him on something less "graphic novel" and more "read to enjoy the story" of it all. :)  Parent Teacher Conferences were yesterday and Noah, while he still has work to do, is doing okay.  He has GOT to focus and he has GOT to start using his book for the exams that are OPEN BOOK. sigh. For now though, proof the boy reads. :D


John made this absolutely gorgeous island/cart!  It's the same height as the counters.  It's got 2x4 base with bottom, 1x3s for the middle shelf and butcher block paint grade edge glued panel for the top.  Thick outdoor white paint for the exterior, amber colored shellac for the middle and top.  One hook on one end and a paper towel roll with 4 super heavy duty castors on the bottom, two lock.  This one is a gift but we hope to have enough lumber left over to do another and maybe start making more later. 


Last but not least, Katie had her baby!  Zaydahlyn Mae was born November 7th, 9lbs 5oz. Here is Kate and little Zayda wearing the owl hat I sent, I'm glad it fit :)


Jenny is up there with her now and they're trying to get moved into an apartment.  Kate, Dimitri and Zayda are going great. :)